Previous Projects

June 26, 2018

Project Name: Theatre Production with Share Community– Summer Holiday!
Started: May 2018
Description: Theatre Therapy project with Share Community based in South West London. Working on a short theatre performance with adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. The theme was a summer holiday on Brighton Beech. Inspired by the students and devised by Sahar Beg.

Project Name: Group Supervision – Little village Charity
Started: June 2018
Description: Working on the Theatre therapy theme with Volunteers that work with people who are her on Asylum and Refugees living in the community. Basing their images on what stories are shared from service users and how they feel and think about how they provide a service to them and the effects this has on them


Project Name: Theatre Therapy – “Let’s perform it!”
Started: October 2017

End: January 2019
Description: Theatre Therapy group working with women who come together weekly. A drama based model where women are able perform and work on the transition between the thinking of the images they bring to the session and devise human sculptures and then process within the group what this image represents, what they feel and think about it. A safe place for discussing life events and sharing experiences.

This unique contribution helps increases, Motivation, develop self confidence and self esteem, coping strategies, self awareness, team working, commitment and reflection, empowerment.