Faith Based Therapy

June 1, 2016

Islam teaches us how to live our lives in a holistic manner as a Muslim. Islamic counselling incorporates this and focuses on the whole person. By looking into ones spirituality, mental, physical and emotional self, your outside world as well as your inner world. Although Islamic counselling incorporates some of the mainstream models, it does differentiates itself  by incorporating the ‘self and soul’ as the main focus to ones well-being. Islamic counselling is  from the Quran and Sunnah (of the prophet Muhammad – SAW)

Together with your therapist, you will talk through your inner physical self which will look at your nutrition. Mental health which will look at your thinking patterns and belief system as well as your spirituality. Your emotional intelligence and how you think on an everyday basis. By talking through your issues and examining the way in which you think, will help you move forward to a more positive view of the world and where you are within it.